Employers Considering Enhancing Benefits Due to the New Tax Law

Are you planning on making changes to your benefits and compensation package as a result of the new tax law? Willis Towers Watson surveyed 333 companies earlier this year and many companies are making changes. Let me know your thoughts . . . https://www.plansponsor.com/employers-considering-enhancing-benefits-due-tax-reform/

How to Save Money on Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Many business owners feel powerless to reduce their workers’ compensation costs. There is no need to feel frustrated; there is something you can do about it! Listed below are six things a business owner can implement to reduce their claim activity. Here are some money saving tips from the California Department of Industrial Relations and […]

What Does the President’s Executive Order on Healthcare Mean for Business?

There is much confusion as to just what effect the President’s executive order on healthcare will have on business. Much is being said about the potential effects on individuals but the media isn’t saying much about the impact on business. Some of you may be cheering over the President’s order, and some of you may […]