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Benefits for your employees

Providing employee benefits is an important tool for building a competitive workforce. Barbara C. Oberman Insurance Services offers companies of different sizes a range of products and services - – including medical, dental, pharmacy, life, disability, and vision insurance. We also offer web-based online benefits technology to reduce HR administration and increase employee engagement.

As health care costs continue to rise, and legislative and economic changes alter the benefits landscape, employers are seeking innovative and cost-efficient employee benefit solutions.   We are experts in working with employers in this challenging environment.

Small Group Insurance

One of our specialties is working with small businesses to provide quality and affordable health insurance coverage to their employees. We are a leader in employee benefit management and will develop effective affordable benefit solutions for your company.

In California, small employers are generally defined as having fewer than 100 employees. Health insurance regulations for small businesses are different than those for large employers. We provide expertise and service enabling your company to meet your employee benefits goals. We are your year-round resource for employee benefits questions and strategies.

Large Group Insurance

There are a number of cost-management methods we employ-from negotiating the renewal for large groups to shifting more costs and responsibilities to employees to restructuring plan designs to mitigate the high cost of sponsoring employee benefit plans.

Our experience and knowledge helps us to obtain the best possible outcomes.   Here are a few examples of our proven results.   These results were obtained for large groups with over 100 employees without making plan design changes:

Client #1

YearInitial Renewal IncreaseNegotiated Renewal Increase

Client #2

YearInitial Renewal IncreaseNegotiated Renewal Increase

Client #3

YearInitial Renewal IncreaseNegotiated Renewal Increase

We will help you to design and implement the very best plans to protect the health of your employees.  We offer the following products, program development and management.

Core Products

  • Medical (fully insured and self- insured)
  • Dental (fully insured and self-insured)
  • Life/AD&D
  • Disability
  • Vision
  • Section 125 plans
  • Cobra administration
  • EAPs
  • Worksite benefits

Employers are looking at voluntary benefits as a way to attract and retain top talent without having to allocate additional dollars to their budget.

Voluntary benefits are paid 100% by employees.

Popular voluntary benefits:


—     Dental

—     Life

—     Disability

—     Accident insurance

—     Chiropractic insurance

—    Telemedicine

—    Long-term care insurance

—    Critical illness

—    Pet Insurance


We work with you to provide comprehensive strategic planning, consultation, administrative support, and training to assist your team in the day to day operation of your employee benefits program.

Design and Pricing

      • Vendor renewals/selection and negotiation

      • Benefit design and cost modeling including

      • Annual benefits budget, funding analysis, and options

      • Employee contribution development and impact analysis

      • Employee benefit satisfaction surveys


      • Custom communication materials and planning

      • Vendor fairs

      • Vendor change implementation and management



Research has shown that employees don't participate if they aren't aware of or don't understand their benefits.

Let us help you to design a communication strategy that works for your company and employees which includes communication tools such as the following:

  • Open Enrollment Brochures
  • Open Enrollment Fulfillment Services
  • Customized insurance education materials
  • Online and mobile benefits enrollment

Online and Mobile Benefits Technology

We offer our clients Ease Central to administer employee benefits, onboarding, payroll and compliance all in one location.

Advantages of Online Benefits Technology

Simplifies enrollment and onboarding process

  • Streamlines open enrollment
  • Reduces tedious paperwork
  • Centralized employee portal that’s easily updated
  • Improves communication and engagement


Ease Central

Wellness and Special Events

We believe that better health is the sustainable way to lower health care costs.  According to many sources, including the Center for Disease Control and the American Medical Association, 75 cents of every dollar is spent on the treatment of preventable disease. That is where wellness programs come in.

Wellness programs can result in the following benefits:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased employee health and engagement
  • Improved morale and productivity
  • Potential reduction in health care costs over time

Regardless of your budget – we offer a variety of resources and benefits including complimentary wellness programs and events for your employees.  We are an ideal partner for any employer interested in improving the health of their workforce, reducing absenteeism and mitigating the risks associated with unhealthy behavior.

Creating a wellness program is easier than you think!  We will help you create a program that is customized for your organization.


Let us do the heavy lifting.   We will coordinate and execute the best health fair you have ever had at your business!     We bring together local, health-focused groups, insurance carriers and individuals to participate in your health fair.    We will coordinate the event from start to finish providing you with an extraordinary event that reflects your company’s culture. By providing screenings, services, demonstrations and raffle prizes, we engage a high percentage of employees to participate.  .

Let us help you get your company on the road to better health now!


Giving employees money management training and tools through a financial wellness program has become a key workplace trend.  Employers are beginning to focus on the financial well-being of workers in a way that extends beyond retirement, such as help managing student loan debt and day-to-day budgeting.

Financial wellness programs educate employees about overcoming personal financial challenges.  Training topics could include debt reduction, asset management and saving for current and future needs – such as purchasing a home, financing their children’s education or preparing for retirement.

Let us design a financial wellness program to fit your company and your employee’s lifestyle. We offer these programs at no cost to you!


We are committed to helping our clients to better understand the ever-changing insurance industry.  That’s why we provide free accreditation webinars, seminars and HR tools.   As a result, we have some of the most educated healthcare clients on the planet!



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