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LightGabler : Ask the Employment Attorneys: Attend Our Q&A to Keep the Lawsuits Away! (Simi Valley)

Do you have a “quick question” that you have been wanting to ask an attorney to make sure you’re in compliance with California law? Have your employees asked you questions that you THINK you know the answers to, but just want to double-check your work? Well, join us at our Q&A session and ask away! We will accept general employment law questions in advance and select the most popular questions to answer for everyone. To submit a question, please email it to seminars@lightgablerlaw.com. Some questions you may hear answers to are:

• When do lunch breaks have to be taken? Do employees need to clock out for them?
• Can employees just submit their total hours worked each day, rather than record exact start/stop times?
• My employee called out sick (again), so I want to let him go? Is it legal?
• How long do I have to let people be out on leave before I can hire someone else for their spot?
• I was ready to fire, but he went on leave; now what?
• We think she’s non-exempt but has been getting a salary? How do we fix it?
• The employee didn’t pick up her last check? What do we do with it?
• Can we put GPS on our vehicles without telling our people?
• What’s the rule on cameras in the workplace?
• Can I review social media pages/posts of employees and applicants?